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Global MakeCode Arcade Game Jam!

Microsoft MakeCode and the US State Department have partnered to bring you the Global MakeCode Arcade Game Jam! Practice your game development skills in this worldwide challenge using MakeCode Arcade.

You have until December 17th to create and submit your game with the chance to be featured on the Game Jam page, MakeCode live stream and social media channels!

And the Theme Is...Climate Crisis

The climate crisis has become more urgent than ever. In the past few years, we have witnessed record-breaking temperatures, intense floods, storms, drought, and wildfires as they devastate communities around the world. As global citizens, the first step in tackling climate crisis is deepening our understanding of the issue.

Create a game that helps others understand the impact of behaviors on our planet and how we must take bold action immediately. whether your game focuses on the way humans impact the melting of the ice caps or ideas for renewable energy, share your knowledge of the climate crisis and encourage those playing to take action in their own lives! 

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Game Jam Rules

  1. Games must be built in MakeCode Arcade
  2. Your game must relate to the provided theme. Someone playing your game should be able to see how it relates to the theme without extra explanation.
  3. Keep the games PG: no inappropriate, offensive, or excessively violent content.
  4. All games must be submitted by someone who is at least 13 years old. Students under 13 can participate, but someone 13 or over must submit their game.
  5. All games must be submitted by 12 am midnight PST on December 17th.
  6. You are welcome to work together with others on a game.

Submit Your Game

Don’t to forget to submit your game before December 17th for your chance to be featured! Standout games will be highlighted here and on MakeCode social media channels.

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New to MakeCode?

If you’ve never written code or used MakeCode Arcade before, no worries! Try our climate themed Hour of Code™ activity or our Beginner Skillmap to get down the basics.

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Additional resources

Want to run game jam activities in your classroom? Or even put on your own game jam? Check out our how-to guide and accompanying educator resources.

Game Jam Guide

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