Review: Making a Blockbuster

Movies have scripts for the entire crew to follow, to make sure everything is going according to plan.


Student Task #1: Adding an Intro

Set up the movie, and create a small introduction

  1. Create a sprite for the lead actor in this movie. Name the sprites ||variables:leadActor||, of ||sprites:kind|| ||sprites:LeadActor||. Use ||sprites:change y by|| to move them closer to the bottom of the screen
  2. Set a variable called ||variables:time|| to 0. This will represent the number of seconds that have passed in the movie
  3. Create an ||game:on game update every 1000 ms|| event, and place an ||logic:if then ... else|| inside of the event. After the ||logic:if then ... else||, add 1 to ||variables:time|| (make sure this is below the ||logic:logic|| block, not inside of it)
  4. Replace the ||logic:true|| with a ||logic:0 < 0||. Replace the first 0 in that comparison with ||variables:time||, and the second with a 3. If this condition is true, make the ||variables:leadActor|| ||sprites:say|| “enjoy the film!” for 1000 ms

Student Task #2: Act One

Add the first section of the movie

  1. Press the + to add an ||logic:else if|| section. Fill the condition with another ||logic:0 < 0||, checking if ||variables:time|| is less then 6
  2. In this else if, create a ||sprites:projectile|| with an image of a bird flying across the screen. Watch the film; how many birds are created?
  3. Add another ||logic:else if|| section, this time checking if ||variables:time|| is less than 9
  4. In this ||logic:else if||, create a projectile with an image of a person, of ||sprites:kind|| ||sprites:Person||. Make them start at the same y position as the ||sprites:LeadActor||, move to the left across the screen
  5. Create an ||sprites:on overlap|| between the ||sprites:Person|| and the ||sprites:LeadActor||. Make the ||sprites:LeadActor|| ||sprites:say|| “excuse me” for 200 ms when they overlap

Student Task #3: Act Two

Create at least 4 more scenes of your choice, similar to the ones created in task #2. Be creative; use concepts you’ve learned in other sections to make sure these scenes show up exactly how you planned for them to.

Student Task #4: Credits

In the final ||logic:else|| section, ||game:splash|| the names of the Director, Producer, the Lead Actor, and anyone else that helped create your film. Press the + in the ||game:splash|| block, and make the second text box list the persons title, so it shows up below their name.

After all of the names are ||game:splashed||, add a ||game:game over|| to end the film.