The modifications to the IKEA FLISAT table are not verified or endorsed by IKEA.


Turn a cute IKEA children’s table into a 2 player arcade… minimum making skills required, you can do it!

An IKEA FLISAT table turned into an arcade


From your local IKEA store,

  • An IKEA FLISAT from your local IKEA.
  • 2 IKEA TROFAST storage boxes.

From your electronics shop,

  • A two player arcade kit: 2 5-pin joysticks and 7 buttons (avoid using any LED buttons or analog joysticks).
  • 2 mini breadboards.
  • Male-to-Male and Male-to-Female jumper wires to connect the buttons to the Raspberry Pi (see later in this list).
  • Raspberry Pi Zero Kit with a Raspberry Pi Zero (Wifi/BLE not required), HDMI adapter, power supply, memory card (not all kits have one).
  • Computer monitor with HDMI input and HDMI cable.

From your hardware store,

  • Electrical tape to secure the jumper wires to the arcade button connectors.
  • Machine screws and bolts to secure the joysticks.
  • Small screws to secure the panels.


  • Crayon or sharpie to mark where to drill.
  • 1 1/8 inch drill bit: to drill the button and joystick holes
  • 3/16 inch drill bit: to drill the holes to secure the joystick
  • (optional) Cordless drill: while you can drill the button holes with a manual tool, the 1 1/8” drill bit is the best at making a clean hole for the buttons. It’s recommended that you use a drill if you have one and can use it safely.
  • (optional) Counter sink bit: it will predrill a hole and a cavity for the screw heads. Pro look guaranteed!