Teacher Resources

In addition to the online course, materials are available to assist in teaching this course for a structured classroom setting.

Instructor Materials on MSIA

The materials for teachers are currently in development and are released through Microsoft Imagine Academy (MSIA) Membership.

Available Courses

Released Courses

  • MakeCode Arcade Part 1: Block Coding

Courses in Development

  • MakeCode Arcade Part 2: Block Coding - Continued
  • MakeCode Arcade Part 3: JavaScript
  • MakeCode Arcade Part 4: JavaScript and HTML/CSS

Materials Included

  • Microsoft OneNote notebooks for students and teachers
  • PowerPoint Slides for framing lessons
  • Rubrics for Lessons
  • Sample Solutions to student activities
  • Teaching Guide, including Tips Videos
  • Multiple Choice Review Quiz/Test

Download Course Materials from MSIA

Follow these instructions to get the course materials:

  1. Sign in to MSIA using your membership identity
  2. Navigate to Computer Science Learning Path
  3. Expand Building Games to select the download materials