Review: Baseball Catching

Whether a baseball is thrown or hit, one thing is certain: someone is trying to catch it. To represent this, build a simple game where the goal is to catch the baseballs that fly across the screen.

Final Baseball Catching Game

Student Task #1: Build a Mitt

Start the project, and create a mitt for the player to control.

  1. Create a new project in Arcade
  2. Create a new sprite representing a mitt
  3. Change the variable name from ||variables:mySprite|| to ||variables:mitt||, and the ||sprites:kind|| from Player to Mitt
  4. Make ||variables:mitt|| move based off the direction keys using ||controller:move sprite with buttons||
  5. Make ||variables:mitt|| stay in screen using ||sprites:set mySprite stay in screen on||

Student Task #2: Throwing Balls

Add balls for the player to attempt to collect.

  1. Get an ||game:on game update every 500 ms|| event
  2. Create a ||sprites:projectile from side|| representing a baseball inside the ||game:on game update every|| event and change the variable name from ||variables:projectile|| to ||variables:baseball||
  3. Make ||variables:baseball|| move randomly in the x and y directions using ||math:pick random 0 to 10|| for the initial ||sprites:vx|| and ||sprites:vy||: make the range from -50 and 50
  4. Set ||variables:baseball|| to ||sprites:kind|| Baseball

Student Task #3: Gameplay

Add gameplay elements that make the game interesting to play.

  1. Add a ||info:countdown|| of 20 seconds in the ||loops:on start||
  2. Create an ||sprites:on overlap|| event between sprites of ||sprites:kind|| Mitt and sprites of ||sprites:kind|| Baseball
  3. Inside the ||sprites:on overlap|| event, ||sprites:destroy|| the Baseball, and add 1 to the score
  4. Make the Mitt ‘bounce’ when in the overlap event, by
    • changing Mitt‘s y by -5
    • ||loops:pause|| for 100 ms
    • changing Mitt‘s y by 5


Extend the material from this review by completing the following challenges!

  • When a ball is caught, use ||music:play sound power up|| to play music
  • Add another projectile that is created every 15 seconds, of ||sprites:kind|| ||sprites:TimeBonus||. Create an overlap event so that when the ||variables:Mitt|| overlaps with the ||sprites:TimeBonus||, the ||info:countdown|| is reset to 20 seconds