Unplugged: Using a Controller

In this activity, you will learn about events and how they drive actions.


  1. In Arcade, create a new project and open the simulator view to full screen

  2. Decide as a class what each button does (for example, ||controller:A|| means clap, ||controller:down|| means stomp, ||controller:B|| makes everyone say “YEAH”, …)

  3. As your teacher taps the buttons on the overhead, react based on the actions associated with each button

  4. When your teacher presses a button, that is an “event”. An event lets you know what you are expected to do next

  5. As a class, come up with some task to do (for example, counting or singing a song)

  6. As a class, begin executing the task while paying attention to the actions your teacher is doing and responding to button presses

Teacher Material