Review: Touch the Button

In the info section of the orientation, the game “touch the button 15 times” had a very basic problem - no matter what, when the game was over, the same screen was shown, with the only difference being the score.

This can be changed using two using two blocks: ||info:on life zero|| and ||info:on countdown end||. These blocks are used to override (change) the standard behavior for running out of lives and time running out for a countdown.

Touch the Button

Initial Game:

controller.A.onEvent(ControllerButtonEvent.Pressed, function () {

Student Task #1: Using ||info:on countdown end||

Modify the behavior of the countdown ending to add a penalty for running out of time.

  1. Add in the ||info:on countdown end|| block
  2. Inside the ||info:on countdown end|| block, use the ||info:change score by|| block to subtract 10 points from the score
  3. After subtracting 10 from the score in the ||info:on countdown end||, use the ||game:game over|| block to end the game

Student Task #2: Using ||info:on life zero||

Give the player a bonus when they touch the button enough, and then continue the game.

  1. Add in the ||info:on life zero|| block
  2. Add in a ||info:stop countdown|| block into the ||info:on life zero|| block to end the countdown
  3. Add a ||game:splash|| screen after the countdown is stopped that tells the player that they are moving onto the next level
  4. Copy the two blocks from the ||loops:on start|| block into the ||info:on life zero|| block after the ||game:splash||, so that the lives and countdown both ‘reset’
  5. Use the ||info:set score to|| block to set the score to two times the current score in the ||info:on life zero|| block using the ||math:x|| and ||info:score|| blocks