Activity: Final Project

In this activity, students will incorporate functionality learned throughout the unit sections to build a well functioning game of their own design.

It is a good idea to start the game as a MVP (minimum viable project) to demonstrate the concepts and ideas, but the final product will be a complete working game. The full game can be based off of a previous game or from an entirely new code and design. This will likely take multiple days to fully develop into a polished final product so it is important to track your progress. It is a good check to see if you have the time required for the project to build out the basic functionality as soon as possible in the MVP. Then decide if features should be cut or if there is time to add some final features to the game.

Student Task: Building a full game

Asteroid Miner


  • Use at least one concept from each unit of the course - for example, from Motion, you could use:
  • ||controller:move mySprite with buttons||
  • ||controller:on A button pressed||
  • ||sprites:on overlap events||
  • For each of your selected concepts, write a short sentence on how it allows your game to be more interesting or challenging for the player. Focus on the Design Decisions you made; what about the way you used the blocks made the game more appealing?

Group Option

Set up for working in a team

  • Each member of the group should develop 2-3 MVP games to generate ideas
  • Discuss each MVP game as a group: identify which parts of the games should be kept around for the final project
  • As a group, build an MVP for the final project game
  • Identify different tasks that need to be completed to finish the game, and have each member of the group handle one task at a time
  • At the end of each day, discuss as a group how the tasks are progressing. If a task is more complicated than expected, try to identify solutions as a group
  • When all tasks are complete, combine each member’s work as a group into a complete final game