Problem Set: Types

This section contains a number of selected problems for the Types section.

It is recommended that you review the problems, and complete a few before moving on to the next section.

Problem #1: Confusing Types!

After reading through the types lecture, an eager student decided to test their knowledge by ||game:splash||ing their favorite number to the screen. Knowing that ||game:splash|| requires a string to be passed, they made sure to declare their variable as a string, but to their surprise, it still didn’t work.

let myFavoriteNumber: string = 7;

Identify the error in their code, and then change the code so that it properly displays 7.

Problem #2: Logging in

Use console.logValue to log exactly the following text to the console:

Hello, I am number: 7
Hey, I'm: 8
How many slices of pizza can you eat: 4
I can eat: 3

Problem #3: Making Types Up

For each of the following types of information, identify whether you would want use a string or a number to store the value. If both options seem reasonable, explain why.

  • The amount of money in a persons pocket
  • The name of your favorite food
  • Your favorite number
  • The name of your favorite celebrity
  • How many questions are on this page
  • A house address
  • A phone number

Problem #4: What Type is That?

The following code is all ready to go for our next big game, except for one big issue: we forgot to declare the variables! Add variable declarations before the current code so that the code runs, without changing any of the provided code.

color = "red";
count = 1;
output = color + count;
response = "I like " + color;
count = 2;
output = output + count;
color = color + " or blue";
count = 3;
output = output + count;
game.splash(count + color);
game.splash(response + output);

Problem #5: Swapping!

Change the following code so that it will ||game:splash|| “Red Light”. This must be done using only string reassignment from one variable to another variable - do not change any of the current lines of code, or reassign anything directly to a new string (that is, adding the line a = "light"; before game.splash is not allowed)

let a: string = "Red";
let b: string = "Light";
let c: string;

game.splash(b + " " + a);