Problem Set: Extensions

This section contains a number of selected problems for the Extensions section.

It is recommended that you review the problems, and complete a few before moving on to the next section.

Problem #1: Jump Around

Corgio is much more fun when the corgi can jump around.

Add a ||corgio:Corgio|| into the game.

Use the ||corgio:verticalMovement|| function to allow the user to make the ||corgio:Corgio|| jump up and down.

Problem #2: A Learning Experience

Programming can be thought of as teaching a computer to complete a task. In this problem, you will teach the computer to ||corgio:teach|| a ||corgio:Corgio|| different words.

Add a ||corgio:Corgio|| into the game, and store it in the variable ||variables:myCorg||.

Teach it the following words using ||corgio:myCorg.addToScript||:

  • “Howdy”
  • “Partner”
  • “Ruff”
  • “Hello World”

Make the ||corgio:Corgio|| ||corgio:bark|| using ||corgio:myCorg.bark||. Add a ||loops:loop|| to make it bark 10 times, with a 1000 ms ||loops:pause|| between each ||corgio:bark||.

Problem #3: Conceited Corgi

Corgis need a lot of attention.

Create a ||corgio:Corgio||, and make it move horizontally and update the sprite as it moves.

Set a new background image using ||scene:scene.backgroundImage||.

Finally, use the ||corgio:follow|| function to make the camera follow the ||corgio:Corgio||.

Problem #4: Multiplayer Mayhem

Games are better when you play with others.

Import the ||controller:local-multiplayer|| extension.

Use the ||controller:controller.setPlayerSprite|| and ||controller:controller.controlPlayer|| functions to make a game that allows two players to move sprites around the screen.

Problem #5: Time Your Throw

Import the ||darts:darts|| extension.

Use to ||darts:darts.create|| a dart called ||variables:myDart||.

Use the ||darts:myDart.setTrace|| and ||darts:myDart.controlWithArrowKeys|| functions to allow the player to control the ||darts:dart||.

||loops:Pause|| for 10,000 ms (10 seconds), and then use ||darts:myDart.throwDart|| to throw the dart.