Cloud Synchronization in MakeCode

Note: This feature only available in MakeCode Arcade.

What is Cloud Sync?

Cloud Synchronization, or Cloud Sync, is a feature available to signed in users that lets MakeCode save your projects in the cloud, where they’re available anywhere you can sign in to MakeCode.

How do I enable Cloud Sync?

All you need to do is sign in to MakeCode with your Microsoft Account and Cloud Sync is automatically enabled. Learn more about signing in to MakeCode here.

Home screen sign in button

Does it cost money?

Nope! Cloud Sync completely is free.

What are the limits?

Individual projects must be less than 512K bytes in size to be synced to cloud. You may store up to 1000 projects in the cloud.

When is a project saved to the cloud?

Projects are transferred to the cloud the next time they’re opened for editing. When you first sign in, your local projects remain local. To transfer a project to the cloud, just open it in the editor. The rest is automatic.

Your local project card before it’s saved to the cloud:

Local saved project card

Your project now saved to the cloud and showing the cloud icon in the card:

Cloud saved project card

When is a project updated from the cloud?

Your project list is refreshed when you navigate to the home screen. When a project is opened, a quick cloud check is done to make sure you’re opening the latest version.

How can I tell if a project is stored in the cloud?

In your project list, look for a little cloud icon on the project card. If it’s there, your project is backed up to the cloud. In the editor, look for the cloud status indicator in the lower left. You should notice it automatically saving to cloud as you edit your project.

Cloud save icon

What if I edit the project in two places?

If you’re editing a project in two places at the same time, you may make changes that conflict. When this happens, the editor that detected the conflict will resolve it by making a copy of the project and applying the conflicting change to the new one. At this point the two browsers will be editing different projects.

Is anything else saved to cloud?

If you’ve set your High Contrast or Language settings, they will be cloud-synchronized too.

When I sign out all my projects disappeared! What happened?

When you’re signed out, your cloud projects aren’t shown until you sign in again. Instead, you’ll see just one card on under My Projects for all of the projects saved in the cloud. You can just click on this card to sign in and see those projects again.

Cloud projects card