Call a function

The simplest way to get started in JavaScript with your Arcade is to call one of the Arcade’s built-in JavaScript functions. Just like how Blocks are organized into categories/drawers, the Arcade functions are organized by namespaces, with names corresponding to the drawer names.


If you want to see all functions available in the Math namespace, simply type Math followed by . and a list of all the functions will appear.

Left and right parentheses, please!

Whenever you want to call a function, you give the name of the function followed by ( and ending with ). In between the left and right parentheses go the function arguments:

Math.min(1, 2)

It’s a syntax error to have a left parenthesis without the “closing” right parenthesis:


If a function has zero arguments, you still need the parentheses in order to call the function.

Any results for me?

Many functions return a result for you to use later in your program. This might be a number, a string, or another type of data.

let greater = Math.max(5, 10)