Online Accounts and MakeCode

What is a Online Account?

An online account is a user account with a provider of online services such as Microsoft or Google. MakeCode allows you to sign in using an account with either Microsoft or Google.

Microsoft Account

A Microsoft Account, or MSA, is the personal user account you create when you want to sign into Microsoft services like, Xbox, Skype, etc. Read more here. We also support Microsoft 365 accounts that you can use from school or your workplace.

Google Account

Google accounts are for sign-in access to Google’s services such as GMail, YouTube, and more. See Create a Google Account for more information.

How does it work in MakeCode?

A number of new features are coming that will only be available to signed-in users. These features need to know your identity so they can do things for you like store data in the cloud, and connect you to other users. The first of these features is one we’re calling Cloud Sync. With Cloud Sync, when you’re signed into MakeCode, we’ll store your projects in the cloud where they’re accessible from anywhere. Multiplayer is another feature in MakeCode Arcade which is only availabled to signed-in users.

Click the sign in button in the upper right corner to log into MakeCode.

Home screen sign in button

Watch this video for a demonstration of creating a Microsoft Account and signing in to MakeCode:

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll see your profile picture (or your login initials if you don’t have a picture) displayed in the upper-right corner of the editor.

Identity initials

Is it required?

No. Sign in only if you want to take advantage of features like Cloud Sync.

Does it cost money?

Nope! Creating a Microsoft or Google account is free. Using MakeCode is also free. As a reminder, Microsoft accounts work across a range of Microsoft products and services, so you can use it outside MakeCode. Some of these products and services may not be free (Minecraft Marketplace content, for example), but this is outside the MakeCode ecosystem.

What will other users see?

Your signed in status is visible only to you. In the future we may add features that allow others to see your presence. When that time comes, we would ask you to create a MakeCode Profile so that your name and picture are decoupled from your MSA profile.

Do I already have a Microsoft Account?

It is possible! Do you play Minecraft, game on an Xbox, subscribe to Office 365, or use any other Microsoft products or services? If so, you probably already have a Microsoft Account.

Does this mean I have to create a new email address?

No. You can create a Microsoft or Google account using your current email address.

Find out more about creating a Microsoft Account using your current email address here:

Can I use my school or work account?

If your school or employer’s email system is managed by Microsoft or Google, then generally it should work in MakeCode subject to restrictions put in place by your IT department.

When I sign in, what information does MakeCode collect about me?

The privacy and safety of our users is very important to us. Microsoft MakeCode adheres to Microsoft’s Privacy Policies. We do not collect or use personal data beyond that needed to operate and support MakeCode features and services. Read the MakeCode Privacy Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

How can I completely remove my data and profile information?

After you sign into MakeCode, you can delete your user profile and all associated data at any time by clicking on ‘My Profile’ and selecting ‘I want to delete my profile’. This will remove you from our system and permanently delete all your cloud saved information.

When my profile is deleted, do all of my cloud projects just vanish?

No. At the time you delete your profile, all of your cloud saved projects are exported and saved locally to the current browser on the computer or device you are using.

How does this work with GitHub?

GitHub provides a source code repository for your projects to help with version control (learn more here You can still sign into MakeCode with a Microsoft or Google Account and use Cloud Sync to store your projects in the cloud, even while using GitHub.