Multipart Tutorials

Game Design Concepts

  "name": "Shark Attack",
  "description": "Design a shooter game! We'll start by creating a hero that shoots projectiles, then you can customize the game with enemies, or a detailed setting.",
  "url": "/recipes/shark-splash/01-character",
  "cardType": "tutorial",
  "imageUrl": "",
  "largeImageUrl": "/static/recipes/shark-splash/02-C-enemies.gif",
  "videoUrl": "/static/recipes/shark-splash/02-C-enemies.mp4"
}, {
  "name": "Wonder Woman 1984",
  "description": "Wonder Woman must find the way out of a tricky maze! In that maze, she can collect artifacts to gain points, but also needs to avoid her enemies that will steal points.",
  "url": "/recipes/wonder-woman-1984/01-maze",
  "cardType": "tutorial",
  "imageUrl": "",
  "largeImageUrl": "/static/recipes/wonder-woman-1984/ww-splash3.gif",
  "videoUrl": "/static/recipes/wonder-woman-1984/ww-splash3.mp4"
}, {
  "name": "Side Scroller",
  "description": "Make a side-scrolling car racing game to jump over obstacles and win the race.",
  "url": "/recipes/side-scroller/01-background",
  "cardType": "tutorial",
  "imageUrl": "",
  "largeImageUrl": "/static/recipes/side-scroller/car-race.gif",
  "videoUrl": "/static/recipes/side-scroller/car-race.mp4"