ask For String

Ask the player for a string value.


The player is prompted to input a string. Your message is displayed and the player chooses from character selections below it to make a response. Each character of the response string is selected with the A button. You can limit the number of characters the player can type in the response.

The player selects OK and presses the A button to finish typing the response. The response string is then returned to your program.


  • message: a string that is the prompt message to ask for a response.
  • answerLength: the number of characters you want let the player enter. The maximum you can set is 24 and the default is 12.


  • a string value that is the response typed by the player.


Ask the player for a unlock code to continue playing the game.

let unlock = "98745"
if (game.askForString("unlock code:", 5) != unlock) {

See also

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