on Countdown End

Run some code when the game countdown timer reaches zero.

info.onCountdownEnd(function () {})

If you want to take an action when the game’s countdown time reaches 0, you can put some code in the onCountdownEnd function. You might not want the game to end when the countdown goes to 0 but instead have the time reset or restart with different amount of time. This depends on the rules you want to set for your game.

If you’ve started a the game countdown (using startCountdown) and it decreases to 0 but you have no onCountdownEnd function in your program, the game will automatically end.


  • handler: the code to run when the game timer count reaches 0.


Game time zero message

Set the life count to 3. In the game update function, decrease the life count by 1 each second. Show a message when the life count becomes 0.

info.onCountdownEnd(function () {
    game.showLongText("Timer count is zero!", DialogLayout.Bottom)

No more time, game over

Set the game time count to 5 seconds. Run out the time and end the game.


See also

start countdown, stop countdown