play Melody

Play a short melody of notes composed in a string.

music.playMelody("", 120);

The melody is short series of notes composed in a string. The melody is played at a rate set by the tempo value you give. The melody string contains a sequence of notes formatted like this:

"E B C5 A B G A F "

The melody is shown in the ||music:play melody|| block as note symbols which also appear in the Melody Editor.

music.playMelody("E B C5 A B G A F ", 120);

The melodies are most often created in the Melody Editor from the block so that valid notes are chosen and the correct melody length is set.


  • melody: a string which contains the notes of the melody.
  • tempo: a number which is the rate to play the melody at in beats per minute.


Play the Mystery melody continuously.

forever(function () {
    music.playMelody("E F G F E G B C5 ", 120)

See also

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