overlaps With

Check if this sprite is overlapping another sprite.


An overlap of two sprites is dectected when the first non-transparent pixel in the image of the first sprite overlaps the first non-transparent pixel of the second sprite. If a sprite has it’s ghost flag set, any overlap with another sprite won’t be noticed. Also, an overlap occurs even when the values of Z for the sprites are different.


  • other: the other sprite to check for overlap with this sprite.


  • a boolean value which is true if the other sprite is overlapping this sprite.


Send a blue square toward a red square. While the red square is overlapping the blue square, randomly change the color of the “red” square to something else.

let redBox: Image = null
let blueBox: Image = null
let blueBoxStay: Sprite = null
let redBoxStay: Sprite = null
blueBox = image.create(32, 32)
redBox = image.create(32, 32)
blueBoxStay = sprites.create(blueBox)
redBoxStay = sprites.create(redBox)
blueBoxStay.x = 0
blueBoxStay.vx = 10
game.onUpdateInterval(100, function () {
    if (redBoxStay.overlapsWith(blueBoxStay)) {
        redBox.fill(Math.randomRange(1, 15))

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