set Kind

Set the sprite kind.



  • value: a number value that is the new kind to set for the sprite.

Sprite kinds

To keep track of different types of sprites, you can assign a kind to them. This is a value that will help identify them and decide what actions to take when events happen in the game. There are no particular rules or names for how you decide on what the kinds should be. The way to do it though is to assign a kind in the SpriteKind namespace.

namespace SpriteKind {
    export const Star = SpriteKind.create()
    export const Comet = SpriteKind.create()

There are some default kinds that are already part of SpriteKind. These are:

  • SpriteKind.Player
  • SpriteKind.Enemy
  • SpriteKind.Food
  • SpriteKind.Projectile

When you create a sprite, you can optionally assign it a kind:

let mySprite = sprites.create(img`
2 4
4 2
`, SpriteKind.Player)
let mySprite = sprites.create(img`
2 4
4 2
`, SpriteKind.Player)

If you were making a space game, you might have kinds like this:

namespace SpriteKind {
    export const Ship = SpriteKind.create()
    export const Planet = SpriteKind.create()
    export const Asteroid = SpriteKind.create()
    export const moon = SpriteKind.create()

During the game, if you need a sprite to change to a different kind, say a Planet becomes an Asteriod, you just set the new kind with setKind.


Make a Player sprite and two Friend sprites. Every 2 seconds, turn one of the friend sprites into an Enemy. Every 10 seconds have the enemy sprites become friends again.

namespace SpriteKind {
    export const Friend = SpriteKind.create()
let player: Sprite = null
let friend2: Sprite = null
let friend1: Sprite = null
let greenBlock: Image = null
greenBlock = image.create(16, 16)
player = sprites.create(greenBlock, SpriteKind.Player)
friend1 = sprites.create(greenBlock, SpriteKind.Friend)
friend1.x = scene.screenWidth() / 4
friend2 = sprites.create(greenBlock, SpriteKind.Friend)
friend2.x = scene.screenWidth() * 3 / 4
game.onUpdateInterval(10000, function () {
game.onUpdateInterval(2000, function () {
    if (friend1.kind() == SpriteKind.Friend) {
    } else if (friend2.kind() == SpriteKind.Friend) {

See also

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