start Effect

Start a built-in effect at a sprite.

sprites.create(null).startEffect(effects.spray, 500)

There are several built-in particle motion effects you can put on a sprite. In the Blocks editor, the effect is chosen from the list shown on the block. In JavaScript, choose one of the effects that are contained in the effects namespace. The effect will run continuously unless you give a value for the duration. You can stop the effect by using the clearParticles function.


  • effect: the effect to start at the sprite.
  • duration: a number that is an optional amount of time, in milliseconds, for the effect to run. If you don’t give a value for the duration, the effect will continues to run.


Start a 5 second cool radial spray effect on the blob sprite.

let blobject: Sprite = null
blobject = sprites.create(img`
    . a a a a .
    . a a a a .
    a a a a a a
    a a a a a a
    . a a a a .
    . a a a a .
`, 0)
blobject.startEffect(effects.coolRadial, 5000)

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