width (property)

Get the width of the sprite in pixels.


Get the pixel width of the sprite.

let mySprite: Sprite = null

let xPixels = mySprite.width
let xPixels = mySprite.width


  • a number that is the current width of the sprite in pixels.

Sprite sizes

The sprite size matches the size of the image it contains. The size of the sprite only changes when it’s image changes. The sprite width is also the same as the difference between the left and right sides.

let mySprite: Sprite = null

let width = mySprite.right - mySprite.left


Create an image that is 16 pixels wide. Make a sprite that has this image. Let the sprite say how wide it is.

namespace SpriteKind {
    export const Example = SpriteKind.create()
let blockImage = image.create(16, 16)
let mySprite: Sprite = null
mySprite = sprites.create(blockImage, SpriteKind.Example)
mySprite.say("I'm " + mySprite.width + " pixels wide") 

See also

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