Hour of Code

Join us in celebrating this year’s Computer Science Education Week by playing, designing and coding your very own retro arcade games!


        "name": "2021 Hour of Code",
        "description": "Code a fire-fighting airtanker plane with Microsoft MakeCode Arcade that sprays water to put out the forest fires!",
        "url": "/hour-of-code-2021",
        "imageUrl": "https://pxt.azureedge.net/blob/f711614138ed21b91a61ac582c60beb73eb99f43/static/hour-of-code/2021/forest-skillmap-game.gif"
        "name": "2020 Hour of Code",
        "description": "Design game art, code a shark adventure, and play a logic game in these three hour-long activities!",
        "url": "/hour-of-code-2020",
        "imageUrl": "https://pxt.azureedge.net/blob/39e2010a815cef29f918be826c04dd37d12365f6/static/hour-of-code/2020/card.png"

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